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Welcome to my first blog post!  A little about me.  I’m a Mom of 2, wife, and business owner.  My life is crazy busy.  To be honest, I love it that way!  I’d probably create trouble if I had too much free time!  My son is 7 and active in sports and Cub Scouts so we are always on the go.  My daughter is 2 so she doesn’t have her own activity schedule yet but she keeps us plenty busy!

The goal of this blog is to provide resources for other busy parents/colleagues, tell some funny stories, and provide inspiration to those around me.  I mentioned above I’m business owner.  You will see my information about my struggles and successes about getting those businesses going while working a full time job.  I’m an engineer by training and love solving problems.

Here is a snap shot of our week so you can see if your life relates.

  • School (summer break is still a couple weeks away),
  • Baseball game and Cub Scouts at the same time so have to pick one
  • Travel part way for a wedding in Missouri (we are in Colorado) after the baseball game with 2 kids
  • Hang with Grandma for a few hours before traveling on to Missouri
  • Attend wedding then start journey home (school on Monday)
  • Travel to Phoenix on Tuesday
  • Meet and conference calls with clients
  • Market businesses

I think you get the idea.  My life is crazy and I love it!  I started a Facebook group for us Crazy Moms to talk at Crazy Mom Lifestyle.  Tell me about your Crazy Mom Lifestyle!

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